What do you get?

1. A complete solar PV system

The offer you receive after the auction is a complete package and will consist of the following:

  • Solar panels, inverter and all other materials

  • The regular solar panels in the offer are blue (poly-crystalline) with an output of 275 Wp. You can also opt for black (mono-crystalline) solar panels with an output of 300 Wp.

    If the survey indicates that your roof is too shaded, the installer will offer you an "optimising" technology at an extra cost. This technology will provide a higher output from a shaded roof. Your offer will then be accompanied by a calculation that supports the advice to shift to this solution.

    Besides the solar panels, the package includes materials to mount the panels on the roof and to connect the system to the electricity grid.

  • Roof survey

  • The supplier will inspect your property to check if your chosen number of solar panels will fit on your roof.

  • Installation

  • A certified supplier will install the solar panels on your roof, the inverter and wiring in your home and connect the system to your consumer unit (including circuit breaker when needed).

    Scaffolding will be included in the offer for homes of up to two storeys.

  • Monitoring

  • You will also have monitoring installed, that will allow you to see the amount of energy generated by your solar system. You will be able to view this on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other device.

2. Quality assurance and guarantees

  • High quality materials

  • Before the group buying auction takes place, we set out our requirements for the panels and materials installer can use. This is to ensure you receive a high quality solar panel installation.

  • Audit of installations

  • We use a third party company to thoroughly audit one in every 25 installations. These audits include the solar system’s capacity, the structural aspects of the installed system, the connection to the National Grid and that they work safely.

  • Warranties

  • We demand that a minimum set of warranties are offered by the participating suppliers. These warranties include:

    Workmanship Warranty of 10 years
    The supplier guarantees the correct operation of the entire system, and ensures a cost-free repair if the system does not operate correctly.

    Product Warranty of 10 years
    When for instance a solar panel or inverter does not work properly, the supplier will replace it with an equivalent product free of charge.

    Warranty on Power Output of 25 years
    The output of solar panels degrades over time (just like batteries). This warranty guarantees that the level of degradation is reduced to a minimum. The power output of the solar panels needs to reach more than 90% of its maximum in the first 10 years and more than 80% of its maximum over the next 15 years.