Are you a supplier or an installer?

Are you interested in working with us?

We assess and qualify all suppliers wishing to take part in the group buying scheme. The main criteria are your ability to manage and plan, your reputation and your financial stability.

All qualified suppliers can compete on the day of the auction with their best offer. The auction decides which supplier may offer all registrants of the group-buying scheme a personal offer.

Applying as supplier
If you want to participate in future schemes as a main contractor, we ask you to fill out this supplier application form. As the main contractor, you are responsible for all customer engagement and turn-key delivery of the solar PV system. Please take note that application for this scheme is already closed.

Applying as installer
Subcontractors can complete this installer application form. We will share your details with the winning supplier(s) and they decide if they want to contact you when they need additional installers to assist in the scheme.